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» A. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Thang

Ngày đăng: 25/11/2014 15:52:23

Nguyen Van Thang, Ph.D


Viện trưởng (Director)

Viện QL Châu Á - Thái Bình Dương (Asia-Pacific Institute of Management)
Trường Đại học Kinh tế Quốc dân (National Economics University)
Office: # 102, Building # 14
Contact: 0985489976
Email: nguyenvanthang@neu.edu.vn

Học vấn (Education Qualifications)

  • Ph.D. in Management, University of Oregon, USA (2002)
  • MBA, Boise State University, USA, 1995
  • BA in Economic Planning, National Economics University, Vietnam, 1989

Nghiên cứu (Research): Entrepreneurship, Knowledge management, Governance

Một số công trình (Selected Publications)

Nguyen, V. T., Ho, D. B., Le, Q. C., Nguyen, V. H., 2016. Strategic and transactional costs of corruption: Perspectives from Vietnamese firms. Crime, Law, and Social Change, (forthcoming)

Nguyen, V. T., Le, Q. C., Tran, T. B., and Bryant, S., 2015. Citizen participation in city governance: Experience from Vietman. Public Administration and Development, 35: 34 - 45.

Nguyen, V.T., Le, T.B.N., and Bryant, S., 2013. Sub-national institutions, export strategy, and firm performance: A multilevel study of private manufacturing firms in Vietnam. Journal of World Business, 48: 68 - 76

Nguyen, V. T., and Rose, J., 2009. Building trust: Evidence from Vietnamese entrepreneurs. Journal of Business Venturing, 24: 165 – 182.
Le, T.B.N and Nguyen, V. T., 2009. The Impact of Networking on Bank Financing: The Case of Vietnamese Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 33(4): 867 – 887.

Nguyen, V. T. (2005). Learning to trust: A study of interfirm trust dynamics in Vietnam. Journal of World Business, 40(2): 203-221.
Ralston, D. A.,

Nguyen, V. T., and Napier, N. K. (1999). A Comparative Study of the Work Values of North and South Vietnamese Managers. Journal of International Business Studies, 30(4): 655-672.

Giảng dạy (Teaching):  2016 – 2017

1. PRINCIPLE OF MANAGEMENT (Advanced Education Program) 2017

Tuyển sinh Thạc sĩ Kinh tế Tài chính (1+1) của Đại học Ohio (Mỹ) tại NEU.doc


Final Exam Case.doc New (10/5/2017)!


Section 1: Introduction

Slide: Introduction to the course.PPT


Section 2: What is management

Slides: What is management.ppt

Case: Flower.pdf

Case: The Mann Gulch Disaster.doc

Section 3: Group and team

Slides: Group and Team.ppt

Johnsonville.docx (for Reference: The video does not have its transcript. You could read this to familar yourself with the video).

Section 4: Environment

Slide: Environment.ppt

Reading: 4 ways Trump Presidency could affect Vietnam.docx

Video: Fakes products in China.doc

Section 5: Planning

Slide: Planning.ppt


Video: Wholefoods.docx

Section 6: Structure and culture

Slides: Structure and culture.ppt

Video: Three Dot com.doc

NEU structure.pdf

Section 7: Motivation and start-up biz

Slide: Motivation.ppt

Video for motivation: SAS

Dr Lee presentation on start-up.pptx

Section 8: Leadership

Slides: Leadership.ppt

Reading: Aung San Suu Kyi.docx


Section 9: Communication & Control

Slides: Communication and Controlling.ppt

Exercise: Giving_negative_feedback.doc

Why my start-up failed.doc



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